Find out more about how income protection insurance helped these Kiwis mind the gap caused by sickness.

Karen’s and Steve’s Story

Karen and Steve were happy until out of the blue Karen suffered a massive brain haemorrhage.

She survived thanks to a swift operation and her own determination, but it proved to be a long rehab process.


Unable to work, Karen was forced to sell her business, and her husband Steve took six months off to look after her.

“I almost cancelled my income protection insurance two years before I had the aneurism,” says Karen.

Thank goodness she didn’t. “I honestly can’t think where we’d be without it,” adds Steve.

Life and Trauma insurance are an important consideration also. Here's one New Zealand family's reason's why.

Natalie's Story

Natalie shares her story of confronting illness without insurance.


Back in 2011 Asteron Life were introduced to Natalie.

She wanted Asteron Life to share her story with others. "We weren’t just pleased to share it. We were honoured to help". One of the most touching aspects of Natalie’s life was that she never took anything for granted; as you’ll see, it was the simple things that really counted.

"Please learn from my journey"

Natalie invites you to consider the value of life and trauma insurance and to make the most of every single day by simply celebrating life.

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