Your Income Is Your Most Valuable Asset.


If you’re on $50,000, your salary is worth $2 million to you over a 40 period. If you get a long-term illness, that asset is taken away from you.


As a New Zealander with a long-term illness, you’ll be entitled to a maximum of $340 per week from the Job Seeker Allowance. This WINZ payment won’t be granted to you if your partner is making $30,000 or more.


The point that many miss is that if you get injured and can’t work - yes ACC will cover it. However if you get a debilitating disease, ACC will not provide any payouts to you. You will be relying on the WINZ Job Seeker Allowance.


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Protect Your Income. Protect Your Lifestyle. Protect Your Family.

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Your income is the lifeblood of your family.


On a single income, would you be able to meet mortgage payments?


On $30,000 a year of WINZ Job Seeker payments, what would your life look like? How many things would you have to sacrifice to get by? If you think about it, even those small family outings would have a huge impact on your family finances.


The Financial Services Council states that each year, 54,800 New Zealand households experienced a sickness event that meant one of the earners was unable to work for 3 months or more…


That means that every 4 years, 220,000 New Zealand households are struck by an illness lasting 3 months or more, stopping an earner working.

The risk of this affecting your family is real. Protecting yourself and your family is the role of insurance in your life, and income protection insurance is very affordable.

How much does income protection insurance cost?

The chart below gives you a good idea of the costs of income protection insurance. The data is taken from some of the companies we would use to protect you.


Please bear in mind that a range of factors will influence your premiums, and that the prices given are only indicative. With insurance is always best to contact us to discuss this in more detail, so we can provide you with the best offer available on the day.


Factors we take into consideration are your age, health history, how much of your income you want to protect, and how long you’re willing to wait before your income protection insurance kicks in.


Your protection is paid by a simple monthly premium, and it can be very affordable.

So please, take a look at the figures below and get in touch if you want to figure out what income insurance protection would look like for you.

Medium (3) – Mostly Manual Work

Medium Low (2) – Mostly General Clerical Work

Low (1) – Professional

Occupation Risk Categories are used by insurance companies to help calculate income protection premiums and risk.